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Benefits of Raw for Dogs

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Chefs4Pets Raw Pet Food


At Chefs4Pets we produce premium raw pet food which is prepared and packaged by our International Award-Winning Chef for your pet. Our products are of premium quality and we have gone to great lengths to ensure our menu’s and raw ingredients are of exceptional standards. Chefs4Pets is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries under Act 36 of 1947.

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Chefs4Pets was founded by friends Dilene and Kevin in 2017 as a by product of their shared love and passion for their “furkids” and realisation of the benefits of switching to a raw pet food diet for their pets. Kevin’s business acumen and Dilene’s culinary expertise make them a formidable team who want only the very best for their furry friends.

Dilene Cranna is an award-winning chef and passionate dog-lover who is armed with 25 years of culinary experience working under well-known chefs at top international and local hotels. Some of which include:

  • Garth Stoebel at the Mount Nelson Hotel
  • Ruben Riffle at Rubens Franschhoek
  • Gordon Ramsay at Ramsay’s London
  • Marco Pierre White at Piccadilly in London amongst others.

With her National Diploma in Food Service Management from Cape Technikon, combined with exposure to top international culinary environments, it is therefore no surprise that Dilene has participated in and won several culinary competitions, such as:

  • Nestle Pastry Chef of the Year and Unilever Chef of the Year
  • Gold and Silver Medalist at Salon Culinaire
  • Winner of numerous international culinary competition Gold and Silver Medalist at the IKA Culinary Olympics Germany
  • FHA Culinary Challenge Singapore.
  • Hilton Chef of the Year England amongst others.
Co-Founder Kevin is an accomplished business professional, whose interests in Chefs4Pets stems from his passion for business and love for his pets, Remington and Chester. His 30 years of experience in retail, at an Operational and Executive level, in finance and general management, prepared him well for forming his own business in March 2015 specializing in business consulting and resourcing – working in the main with SMEs.

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