Feeding Raw

In response to the recent article doing the rounds about the dangers of feeding your pet RAW, Chefs4Pets would like to highlight the following:

Passionate about feeding our fur babies the finest quality food, Chefs4Pets was conceptualised with the sole purpose of fulfilling our quest to provide our fur babies with excellence in nutrition. We are happy that we were able to make this dream a reality and also to make our products available to like-minded pet owners. The animals that share our lives are not just our pets but valued members of our families and their wellbeing of utmost importance. To aid us in this, from the start of our business, we put the following safety measures in place to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality products:

  • Our products are tested by an accredited laboratory for Ecoli, salmonella and a range of enteros. This is a legal requirement and we do this regularly to ensure the safety of the product.
  • Our products are registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries under Act 36 of 1947.
  • We work with an animal nutritionist, Carlos Neves and he assists us where necessary to ensure the meals we produce is balanced and complete for optimal health of your pets.
  • We do everything in our power to keep up with trends, concerns and information on Raw Feeding, including buying online material of the Raw Feeding Summit (held in Chicago yearly) magazine articles and courses that constantly further our understanding of how to maximise nutrition.
  • In addition to the above, we also

  • Produce our products in a temperature-controlled production facility.
  • Source our ingredients from reputable abattoirs and butcheries.
  • Ensure that the cold chain is never compromised. We receive the ingredients frozen and run production process with the semi-frozen ingredients – minced, mixed and cased in 100g sausage portions which are then placed in the blast freezer for quick freezing.
  • When required, the frozen product is packed into polystyrene containers, transported for delivery to pet owners.
  • A few tips on safe handling and thawing of the food:

  • Common sense should prevail when handling raw meat, treat the product as you would with meat for your own consumption.
  • Keep all meals frozen until ready to thaw and feed.
  • Thaw food in the refrigerator the day before feeding.
  • Use an airtight container to prevent odour and contamination of other foods in the fridge.
  • A quick thaw should only be done in cold water.
  • The Chefs4Pets team is happy to answer any questions and concerns you may have and you are welcome to contact us at info@chefs4pets.co.za for assistance.

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