Raw food for Dogs

We offer raw food for dogs that are Complete and Balanced Meals, and our Complementary Meals. The meal portions are produced as individual sausages – approximately 100 grams frozen weight each – containing the following Base ingredients: Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Salmon, Ostrich and / or Venison.

For us to compile a specific raw dog food meal plan for your pet, please click on the BUTTON below and provide us with the information requested. We will get back to you with the meal plan and a quote.

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On receipt of the above information, Dilene our Chef, will contact you with a bespoke menu and quote. Should you have questions at any stage, please send us an email at info@chefs4pets.co.za.

The Chefs4Pets Team

How To Make The Change To Feed your dog a Raw Food Diet

  • Switch immediately or phase in
  • If your dog eats everything and has a resilient constitution (as most dogs do), simply do a complete switch, but only feed 8 to 12 hours after their last kibble meal. No treats in-between
  • Alternatively, introduce the raw diet slowly, by adding some of the raw food to the existing meal, slowly increasing the ratio of raw food to kibble. Complete the switch within 3 days
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Benefits of Raw food for Dogs

  • Improved dental hygiene
  • Shiny coats, less shedding or unusual loss of hair
  • Increased immune system and less prone to allergies
  • More energy and weight loss for dogs that are overweight
  • Much smaller and less smelly faeces, due to a very high absorption of the food consumed
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Safe Handling and thawing guide

  • Common sense should prevail when handling raw meat. You do this all the time preparing a family meal, so it should not be something new to you.
  • Keep all meals frozen, until ready to thaw and feed
  • Thaw food in the refrigerator the day before feeding. Use an airtight container to prevent odour and contamination of other foods in the fridge.
  • A quick thaw should only be done in cold water
  • Never cook or microwave the raw meal
  • Always clean up and disinfect the area used for the raw food preparation after completing the feeding
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Why Chefs4Pets

  • Produced in our own factory under continuous quality control by our in-house Chef
  • Hygiene is constantly monitored and maintained at the highest levels
  • All base products are sourced from reputable and sustainable suppliers
  • International award-winning Chef preparing your pet’s meals – also worked under Ruben Riffle and Gordon Ramsay
  • Human grade produce used to make raw food for dogs
  • Easy to feed, individual portions in an edible casing
  • Easy to follow feeding guide and expert advice
  • No added grains, starches, chemicals, additives or “undocumented” ingredients
  • Reduced carbon footprint due to the raw nature of our food
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages
  • Easy to serve individual±100g sausages
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